meet our leaders

Ed Zajac

Church Council President

The Church Council is the governing body for Peace Lutheran Church. The council consists of 11 elected members with three-year terms. The council is charged with administering the congregation and setting long-range goals and priorities.

Ted Hollacher

Mutual Ministry Chairperson

The Mutual Ministry Committee is charged with ministering to the pastors and staff members at Peace Lutheran Church. If a congregation member has a concern about a staff member, they should talk to Mutual Ministry.  

Shawn Cahill 

Finance Committee Chairperson

The Finance Committee works with the church office, our outside accountant and council to set the church budget and monitor spending.

Ken Berry
Dominic So

Worship Committee Co-Chairs

The Worship Committee, along with the senior pastor, is charged with planning all aspects of our worship services. The committee then submits its recommendations to council for implementation.

Chris Bennett
Ginger Kunst

Fellowship Committee Co-Chairs

The Fellowship Committee plans special events and meals for the congregation. Special events include the Chili Cook-off, the Harvest Dinner and Lenten Soup Suppers. 

Ken Berry

Property Committee


The Property Committee Chair takes care of the church. He makes sure the parking lots are plowed, the grass is cut and the flower beds are maintained.