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christian education

7:30 pm Wednesdays

Starting August 2, 2023

7:45 am Thursdays

Starting September 21, 2023

Join the men at Peace as they work their way through Acts, Part I. Participants take turns leading the group and bringing breakfast. 

Sept. 21 · The Church Is Prepared for Pentecost

Sept. 28 · The Church Is Empowered by the Holy Spirit

Oct. 5 · The Church Proclaims the Word with Great Boldness

Oct. 12 · The Church Meets Both Internal and External Challenges

Oct. 19 · The Church Has Its First Martyr

Oct. 26 · The Church Takes the Gospel to Samaria and Beyond

Nov. 2 · The Church Receives an Unlikely Convert

Nov. 9 · The Church Affirms Gentile Converts as Equals with Jews

Nov. 16 · The Church Thrives Despite Persecution

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